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Kiss Salon Acrylic Nude Nails, KAN03, 28 Count

Kiss Salon Acrylic Nude Nails, KAN03, 28 Count

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Introducing Salon Perfect Nails: the ultimate solution for achieving salon-quality acrylic nails in the comfort of your own home. With our innovative acrylic-infused technology, these nails offer unmatched durability and a flawless finish that never chips. Say goodbye to expensive salon appointments and hello to a DIY manicure experience like no other.

Achieving a salon-quality manicure has never been easier with our Salon Perfect Nails. In just three simple steps, you can have a flawless, ready-to-wear manicure that lasts for days. The nails are designed to stay firmly in place, ensuring long-lasting wear and a beautiful finish. Each set includes 28 nails in 14 different sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for every nail shape and size.

With our press-on and glue-on nails, you can have the nails of your dreams in minutes without any mess or fuss. Simply apply the nails over your own nails using our pink gel nail glue, included in the set. No need to worry about chipped polish or weak nails – our nails are designed to withstand daily wear and tear, lasting up to 7 days.

We believe that nails should be a form of self-expression, which is why we offer a wide range of shapes, lengths, and custom nail art designs. Whether you prefer French designs, salon dip, acrylic nails, gel manicures, or press-on manicures, KISS is always on-trend with the latest colors and finishes. With KISS, you can confidently showcase your unique style and wow everyone with your stunning nails.

At KISS, we're a global leader in professional quality beauty products and treatments, trusted by beauty enthusiasts in over 100 countries. We empower our customers to bring the salon home and achieve salon-quality results without the salon price tag. With our Salon Acrylic Nude French Nails, you can effortlessly elevate your manicure game without the fuss and mess of nail polish. These false nails adhere seamlessly to your real nails with our quick-drying glue, allowing you to get on with your day without any interruptions.

The French Manicure style of our Salon Acrylic Nude Nails offers a clean, classic look that never goes out of style. The medium length and thick smile line add to the natural feel of the nails, eliminating the need for extra trimming. Our acrylic-infused nails are specially designed with reverse dual-injection technology, delivering both strength and a natural appearance.

In summary, Salon Perfect Nails by KISS are the perfect solution for achieving salon-quality acrylic nails at home. With their durability, flawless finish, and easy application, these nails are a must-have for anyone who loves beautiful and long-lasting manicures. Empower yourself with KISS and bring the salon home today.


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